Thursday, March 31, 2011


I tried out the yoga studio near my house the other night on a first class free pass and really liked it. Very relaxing. The class was late, 8:15-9:15 but that was nice because I was all relaxed and ready for bed when I got home. I am not very flexible at all, especially compared to others in the class, but over time, hopefully that will change, everything does.

When I first began practicing intermittent fasting, it was so new and so foreign, to me and to those around me. My biggest struggles were with what others around me thought about what I was doing. Today in the lunch room of my office, my co-worker was planning a lunch out of the office for next week. She asked me, "When is your long fasting day again?" She was trying to plan it for a day when I could join in. Her question was said in a way that was no big deal and just an accepted fact that this is how I eat. There were about 10 others in the room at the time and not one person started questioning me or seemed shocked at all.

Everyone has accepted it for what it is. They all see that it has worked for me and I am happy. It has been over a year now since I started this lifestyle and I can say that it has been completely accepted by me and by those who know me. It feels really good.

Now I just need to get to the next level. I have about 30 more pounds to release. The key is smaller portions, I am trying. I think I am getting better but I am not there yet. The yoga should help too.

I will get step at a time!


  1. That's so cool!! You go girl!!!!

  2. Hi Jenna,
    I went through those same struggles with intermittent fasting when I started. It is why I advise anyone who tries it now to just keep what they are doing private.I have done I.F now for well over 2 years ( 2 x24hr fasts per week ) and lost the weight I set out to lose, and same as you, the people around me accepted it over time, some even converted to I.F.too when they saw how much weight I lost.

    Those last 30lbs will be harder, but you know what works, and what you need to do, so I know you will get there.

    Really does just come down to eat less move more ;) if only that part was easy in practice.

    Just wanted to say keep going, your doing fine.

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  4. Its good to hear, that your colleagues do not question the way you eat anymore. As you said the fact that you have lost weight, is proof for them that it works for you. At the moment as I still am stuggling to stay on IF and have not lost much weight, I try and keep quiet. I hope to be in the same position you are one day. Good luck with the yoga.


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