Sunday, March 6, 2011

Road Trip

I am going on a road trip this Thursday with my best friend. She lives in Austin Texas and so we see eachother less than I would like. We usually visit eachother around the same time each year so we end up spending a lot of time together once a year.

This year I am meeting up with her in San Francisco where she will be on the last leg of her big road trip with her brother from Austin to Vancouver in his new HUGE RV. He purchased it in Austin and is driving it back to his home in Vancouver and so my friend hitched a ride with him to come home and visit her friends and family. She left the kids at home with her hubby and so it will be so great to have the one on one bonding time with her this weekend.

I know that I will have no trouble at all sticking to intermittent fasting while travelling. I have done it successfully in the past. I know that I need to switch my eating window to evenings when I am on vacation so I will be eating dinners only during this trip.

I am really excited to see her and see her reaction to my weight loss. I haven't seen her in a year and so she will certainly see a big difference.

In April we are going to Vegas for a few days and then flying from Vegas over to Texas to have another 5 day visit with my best like I said, we spend a lot of time together, once per year.


  1. Yay!! Have fun and be safe! Can't wait to see some pictures and hear all about your trip. I know you'll do great with fasting while you're hanging with your best friend.

  2. Have fun with your best friend, what a wonderful way to spend some time together!

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