Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Plateau Hell

Still in Plateau Hell...But, I am not getting discouraged. Sticking to my schedule...

I start yoga today...thinking if I like this studio that I will go twice a week. I have been doing a bit better with overeating during my eating window. I had one day on the weekend where I ate way too much but the rest of the week was good and this week so far has been good too.

I bought a bathing suit the other day! I can't believe I had the courage to do that. We are going to Vegas soon so I need to be pool ready and I have no bathing suits that are even close to fitting me anymore. It took a while but I finally settled on a two piece suit. But I wasn't brave enough yet to go full bikini, so I got one that has a tank top instead. Looks good, I'm looking forward to soaking up the sun!

Wish me luck on finding a way out of this dreaded plateau! Hopefully yoga will be a good step in the right direction...


  1. Hoping to break your plateau soon. Yay for you getting a bathing suit!! Vegas is fun, you're gonna have a blast soaking up the sun.

  2. Hi Jenna,

    As you know, I'm a devotee of intermittent fasting like you are. Until 2 weeks ago, I was in a plateau like yours for about 3 months. I was stuck in the 152-155 lb. range. Quite frustrating. I finally broke it and thought I'd share a tip on how I broke it. I normally do a fast-5 type routine with occasional 24 hour fasts. Two weeks ago I did an almost 3-day fast (about 66 hours). That dropped me 5 pounds, but I regained about 3 of those because of indulging on my first fast-breaking meal. Last week I did a full 72-hour fast and included two exercise sessions (a yoga session and a 5 mile run) during the fast. The exercise actually helped my energy levels. And finally, on breaking the fast, I did it very gradually. Not a big celebration meal, but a few small, relatively low carb meals. I eased back into my fast-5 routine with no big meal after the fast. Now my new weight of 148-150 is holding steady for a week.

    I don't know what was more important -- the length the fast, the exercise, or the gradual easing into refeeding. But I thought I'd pass that along...

  3. Well my 'plateau hell' was a year Jenna. Praise God I maintained that year (which I think is even better than losing any weight..maintaining your loss is in the end what we desire)...I read of one woman who was on a plateau for two years..I was blown away. Once that was broken though not only did she begin losing the weight, she went pass her goal and lost another 15 pounds extra...


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