Sunday, March 6, 2011

I'm a Junkie

Thank you all SO much for all the comments and support on my previous post. I love getting all the tips from you guys. I will definitely give them a go. I have tried calorie counting which really does help, but I find it difficult to do all the time because it is time consuming and a bit tricky so I usually give up. But I really should just try to do a loose calorie count. It keeps me in check, and I find myself editing what I planned to eat for that day a bit when I count up how much it is.

I really like the coffee idea too. I don't drink coffee but I love tea, so I will try having a tea just before I eat, that idea seems like such a no brainer, why didn't I think about that before?!

I have a food addiction, I am sure. That is what got me here in the first place. When I go to break my fast I actually start shaking as I prepare my meal because I am so anxious to eat it. I need to just calm down and take a moment, I think drinking the tea first could help with that.

My carb addiction is obvious. I have always eaten only carbs. I used to be MUCH worse though, eating only white foods, a co-worker even recently told me that when I started at the office, she actually told her family that a girl had begun working with her who only ate white food. I would have a sandwich with white bread, cream cheese and turkey breast, chips, cookies and a banana almost every day for lunch. And that was after I had a bagel and cream cheese for breakfast. Dinners would be pasta, or rice, or potato...all white...

Since then I have really improved but my carb addiction is not cured and I do believe that it is a strong force as to why I am always binging. I can only reduce little by little in that area though, I want to try to be better at that. I don't think I will ever be a carb free person but I certainly need to open up my options more.

What we feed our children is so important. I don't have kids, but when I was a child, our household was filled with processed sugary foods. It is cheap, it is easy. My mom was a single mom with two children who worked full time. There was no time or money to make fresh, healthy food every day, and I don't think we fully understood the consequences to eating that way at the time.

A co-worker of mine grew up on a farm where fresh vegetables and protein were the base of their meals, sweets were a RARE treat. She really doesn't like all that processed food and doesn't understand why anyone else does. I really wish I was like that but I think I got hooked on the "drug" of processed foods early and so it is a really hard thing to break.

One step at a time, one day at a time. I will beat this!

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  1. We are on the same track girlfriend!!! I am putting up a post later, but I am going to eat much cleaner with my intermittent fasting. I am such a carb addict and need to surrender that for good. We can do this...I need to do it for my 10 year old Daughter too. Love you!! If you want to follow my updates, you'll have to follow Reshaping Paula. Today has been a good day.


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