Friday, January 4, 2013

New Year, New Routine

Well, that was a crazy holiday season. Sorry, I have been out of sight lately. Been on the move. Jamaica for a week, then Christmas with family, shopping in Seattle and finally a few nights in Victoria visiting.

Now I am back home and back to routine. Jamaica was fabulous but FULL of food and alcohol. I gained too much weight to even say out loud. Didn't fast while I was there and didn't fast through Christmas. It was a nice break with bad consequences...weight gain and returning ache! Plus, I have been feeling super tired, bloated, uncomfortable and unhappy.

So, I am even more focused on continuing my schedule of fasting. I started back to my normal routine on Jan 2nd and already I feel better. My ache is slowly healing with no new pimples in the last few days and I am getting my energy back.

Strange how more food gives us less energy...when everyone always talks about food an energy source. It is true to a point but when you are eating as much as I eat when I don't fast, then you will certainly slow down. How in the world would you not when the body has so much digesting to do?

I also signed up with a personal trainer. I started yesterday and I feel really good about it. I will have personal one on one sessions for Pilates and then join their classes for strength training and cardio. The good thing about this place is their classes are only 3 or 4 people so you get much more one on one time with the instructors.

I feel a new motivation to stop living on this plateau and work towards reaching my original goal of 140 pounds. I am sure that if I keep up my fasting and add in the exercise that I will see some more results.

January 1st was my three year anniversary living the Fast 5/Intermittent Fasting lifestyle. I will always live this way, even if I have moments like these past few weeks, I will always come home to fasting.

New year's resolution was not weight I find I never keep them but I did make a resolution to take one photo every day for a year. If you are interested I have started a photo blog to post those photos. I plan on making a photo book at the end as well, Enjoy!


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