Monday, January 14, 2013

Week two of my new routine that includes exercise...who would have thought that I would be including exercise into my routine, but I am and I am optimistic about it.

I have been doing really well back on my regular fasting schedule and last week I did a TRX class and a personal training session of Reformer Pilates. The TRX class was a killer and I was sore for several days afterwards but I am signed up to do it again tomorrow.

I am also going to try a spinning class and see if I can incorporate that into my routine as well. So hopefully I will be able to maintain:

Mon: Reformer Pilates 1 hour
          Spinning Class 1/2 hour

Wed: TRX Class 1 hour

Thurs: Spinning Class 1/2 hour

I still feel strongly that exercise is best for health and fitness but not the best course of action for large amounts of weight loss unless it is combined with a major change in diet. That is why the fasting is very important in this equation.

That said, I do believe that my fasting schedule with the added boost of the workouts will kick it up a notch and help me get to that elusive goal weight!


  1. I just found your blog. I'm embarking on an IF journey that sounds similar to yours. I however have started w a 16/8 approach. I'm absolutely loving it. Mainly b/c the approach does not feel like a program or diet. It truly foes feel like freedom. I noticed on your before and after page that you didn't put any stats as far as weight is concerned. I'm only 4 days into IF and I don't feel like I'm losing anything. Can you help me know what my expectations should be based on your experience? I'm 5'6'' and 181. Ideally and realistically I'd like to reach 160, however 150 is an ultimate goal... one that I've never come close to obtaining.

  2. It is difficult to say for sure as everyone is different. But in my first week of intermittent fasting I released 8 pounds. My total weight loss after about one year was 47 pounds released. I started at 215pounds.

    I think that is mainly because the amount of calories that I was consuming before fasting was so high that the difference achieved with fasting was extreme.

    My weight has increased a bit since then and I find I still struggle with the scale going up and down but that is mainly due to my own inner struggle with food and going off plan.

    The good news is, when I follow the program strictly, I release weight with little effort.

    If you are very strict, meaning zero calories during your fasting period: water, tea, coffee with no milk or sweetener and no gum or sugar substitutes, I would expect you to lose.

    Another thing that I find key to success is a consistent schedule. I sometimes move my fasting window around to accommodate events but I would recommend that you do that as little as possible. I find I lose weight more easily when my eating window is during the same time of day.

    Do you have an idea of the amount of calories you were consuming before intermittent fasting? Do you feel like there is a large deficit with fasting compared to before?

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