Monday, April 26, 2010

Loving this Lifestyle

I have made the change and am loving every minute of this new lifestyle!

Today I broke my fast the same way as always, with a delicious salad of spinach, lettuce, broccoli cole slaw, cucumbers, feta cheese, avocado and thai sesame dressing with a bit of balsamic vinaigrette, mmmmmm!

After that I had butter chicken that my husband made and it was really, really good. Then I had one of those little cheeses in the red wax, I love those! And finished it off with some tortilla chips and salsa.

For my snack later on in the afternoon I had some left over potato salad that I made on the weekend. My mom's recipe and SO good! It is 8:30pm now and I am still full. I love having such a wide variety of foods in the afternoon and getting to eat such yummy meals and snacks!

This morning I was down another pound on the scale from last week and am only 1 Lb away from releasing 35 LBS! Wow, that is a lot of weight. I can't believe how much I have been carrying around all this time. When I started, I needed to lose about 75 LBS. Now I only need to lose 41 more! But the fact that I have been carrying around a 75 LB pack on my back all this time amazes me. No wonder I haven't enjoyed exercise. Give anyone a 75 LB back pack and tell them to exercise and they wouldn't be very happy either! Dr. Herring put it perfectly in his book, "The Fast 5 Diet & The Fast 5 Lifestyle", link to his website on the right.

Tomorrow I am having Greek food that my husband made (he is the chef in the household unless you haven't noticed! And such a good cook! Thanks Honey!). Chicken and shrimp skewers with brown rice and tzatziki with sour dough bread. I will break my fast with the same salad as above and for a snack I plan to have some almonds and a mango, banana and red grape fruit salad, mmmmmmm!

Loving the Fast 5 Lifestyle!


  1. Great job! Your enthusiasm is an inspiration to me. Thanks for sharing your journey. Peace, Lisa

  2. Girl, you are making my mouth water with all that good sounding food. I just love this way of eating too. Congrats on the weight loss, yay! This week I don't anticipate a change of the scale due to my monthly visitor. You're almost to the half way point in your weight loss. (((Hugs))) and high fives!!

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