Saturday, April 10, 2010


Last night we had friends over for cards and drinks...of course that means snacks....

My husband had bought our favourite chips to put out for our friends. It is that snack pack of chips, the one with the pretzils and corn chips, doritos and cheesies? I LOVE these chips...

My husband put them in a clear glass bowl and set them in the middle of the table. It was too much for me. I was totally tempted and completely distracted by these dumb chips! So I did what I had to...

I took the bowl off the table and put them onto a metal bowl instead and set them on the other end of the table so I could no longer see the chips in the bowl.

That seemed to help and I managed not to have any! YEAH!!! I did ask my husband later to NEVER buy those chips again...any other chips but those. They seem to be my kryptonite.


  1. Holy crap! I'm glad I've never seen that before. That looks so good. Good job on avoiding the temptation. :-)

    What I've been doing is taking my treats and putting them in a container upstairs. "Out of sight, out of mind." That's my portion, and the stuff in the kitchen is other people's portions, so that helps me to avoid them. "Nope! That's theirs, mine's upstairs." Fortunately we don't keep anything in the living room, that helps.

  2. Way to go Jenna!!! You rock!!! Great idea to change the bowl and move the snack. Thank you so much for your support and friendship. I had an interesting weigh in today...Love ya!!


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