Thursday, December 23, 2010


Almost one year ago, (Since January 1st) I began intermittent fasting. Since then I have on occasion eaten outside my window on a Friday after work, having some wine and snacks with friends. Other than that, I have had no issue with sticking to my schedule. I have never eaten more than one meal per day. This has NEVER happened to me before. I have never been able to stick to any new diet plan or lifestyle change or eating routine before. This has truly been a transformation for me in so many ways.

I eat healthier now. Before intermittent fasting I would have:

Bagel and cream cheese

Mid morning snack
Blueberry Muffin or Pastry

Sandwich with white bread, chicken slices, mustard and cream cheese
Chips or crackers
Granola bar or cookies
Maybe a banana or some other seasonal fruit

Chips or
Chocolate or
Candy or all of the above

Pasta or
Chicken & Rice with carrots or
Pizza or
Chinese Food or
Occasional Healthy dinner

Cookies or
Ice Cream or
Granola Bar or
Chocolate etc...

Two pieces of toast with peanut butter and jelly or Cereal

This was a pretty typical diet for me and I rarely strayed from this menu. I hardly ever ate a vegetable unless it was a caesar salad or something like that.

Because of this diet I was constantly exhausted. I didn't realize it, I just knew that I was always tired. That meant that when I got home from work, all I had energy to do was to watch TV and sit on the couch. I used to record around 12 hours of TV per week. PLUS, I would just watch what was on sometimes and also mindlessly flick channels, sometimes for over an hour, never finding anything to watch but continuing to flick, flick, flick...I also couldn't stand the idea of exercise. I was way too tired for that.

Since I began intermittent fasting so much has changed. The interesting part is that none of it has changed because I MADE myself do it or because I made a conscious effort for any of it to happen. It was all just a bi-product of intermittent fasting.

I had more energy. Because of this, sitting in front of the TV no longer appealed to me, it seemed boring and I always seemed to find something else to do, suddenly I was living a much more active life, taking classes and spending time with friends, doing things around the house and blogging.

I started to CRAVE healthy food. I didn't make myself eat salad or good fats or try to avoid all the wheat I used to eat. My body just had the opportunity to assess what it really needed during my fasted state, so it was able to tell me, I need nutrients! Since my body can't actually talk to me, it told me what it needed in the form of cravings. I was now CRAVING salad, fruit, avocado, nuts, seeds & protein. Not to say that I never crave the bad things but now I also crave the good things which is new to me.

I started to WANT to exercise. SHOCKER! I used to tell my husband that when I was thin before, that I liked exercise. He never believed it because all he saw was the tired me. The one who would rather die than workout. Now, I enjoy my workouts and I do them because I want to not because someone else thinks I should. (I still don't really like cardio, but I am sure I will get there eventually).

I started feeling better. My bloating and unhappiness had subsided. I am much calmer and easier to get along with. I just feel happier now.

I started looking better. My healthy eating had a positive effect on my looks. Yes, I had lost weight, which helps, but I also got rid of chronic acne that I had endured since puberty hit. My hair became more shiny and healthy, my eyes where shining. Everyone I knew was telling me that I was GLOWING. So TRUE. Check out this before pick to see what I mean. Not the healthiest looking person.

Intermittent fasting has truly CHANGED MY LIFE.


  1. So interesting to hear your observations! I've noticed some similar things. Wishing you very happy holidays!! :)

  2. You rock!!! I keep sayin' that because it's true. Intermittent fasting does so much more for an individual than weight loss and we're living proof. High fives!!!!!! Yep, no denying the change in your appearance. I hardly recognize you in those above.

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