Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How it's going

Well, things are still up...So weird. But I am sticking to it and keeping it up. Today I am doing an all day fast as we have a work lunch tomorrow. I have been keeping to my schedule of two long 38-48 hour fasts per week and the regular 19 hours per day. I have also been doing weights 3 times per week for three weeks straight now.

My weight has really stumped me lately:

On Nov. 29th I was at my lowest at 164.6 and then it all of a sudden jumped to 170.9 on Dec 5th.

After that it was:


So my body is definitely fighting against that big drop from 167 to 164 at the end of November. But I'm sure if I just keep at it, all will go back to normal and continue downward again. So sucks though since I had hit that 50 Lb mark only to jump right back above the line again. We'll see how it goes.


  1. You are doing great Skinny Minny!! I can't wait to see what is going to happen next with you as far as weight loss goes. You read about my struggles this week with i-fasting and if you EVER stray from this way of eating, you will always come back. I know, because I do, lol. I'm so glad to have a Skinny Minny buddy like you!! Love ya!

  2. Didn't the same thing happen to you about 10 lbs ago? And you've lost 10 lbs since then!! This weight will come off too. :)
    Same thing is happening to me unfortunately. I'm a pound or two away from 30 lbs lost and I can't wait for that milestone! It's taking ages though.
    We're on the right track! Consistency is our friend.

  3. Do you think because you've started a new exercise regime that you may be gaining more muscle faster than losing fat (hence the weight gain)? If you HAVE been gaining muscle I would bet that what's going to happen is the muscle is going to get very hungry soon and start consuming more fuel :) you're weight is going to go down very soon!!! I bet you feel like you're getting smaller still (and so does everyone else...regardless of scale). I am very excited for you!!

  4. Jenna,

    Your weight fluctuation of the last 2 weeks looks perfectly normal to me! I've seen exactly the same thing from time to time while doing intermittent fasting. I call it a "trading range", after the way that stock prices bounce around for a while before moving up or down. Don't stress about it, the weight will head down again soon. The overall rate of loss might be slowing as you get closer to your goal weight, but no big deal.

    I find that weight workouts sometimes cause a slight stall or gain in weight. This may just mean the weight is from more muscle, and you could be burning fat at the same time. If your pants are fitting looser, or at least not tighter, you are probably still trending down.

    Good luck and keep the faith!


  5. Keep on keeping on girl....((hugs))

  6. This is OT, but I wanted to thank you for your blog. It, along with a couple of other IF weblogs, has proved to me that IF'ing is definitely the way to go. Your progress has been very impressive!


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