Thursday, December 30, 2010

Easy Come, Hard Go

Why is it SO hard to lose weight and SO easy to gain!? Over the holidays I have been eating too much and drinking more than normal, and a few of my eating windows have been extended. I realize now that eating lunch while on vacation doesn't work for me. I then just end up munching until 9 or 10 at night because we meet up with friends or socialize with a glass of wine.

So, for the remainder of my holiday I will just stick to dinners. Then my eating window can include the wine and the socializing with no issues. The scale has crept up and I find it SO frustrating that so much work goes into losing a few pounds but eat outside my window for a couple of nights and BOOM back on in a heartbeat. The scale read 173.5 this morning. ARRRRRGGGG! It wasn't long ago that I was down to 164.5. Almost 10 Lbs on in a flash.

I am not going to stress too much about it though because I have my new plan in place for the new year and I know that will help me drop that extra pretty quick. And if I just stick to dinners from now on, hopefully that will start me back in the right direction from here on out.

Nobody's perfect, we all just have to do our best.


  1. Greetings from Sweden!

    I have been reading up on intermittent fasting lately and I really like the idea. It makes so much sense!

    I found your blog about a month ago and it is so inspiring! I have read it through (every post) at least two times now. Yes really!

    I have tried different kinds of diets the past years but only ended up with more weight in the end. I now have about 18 kilo (40 lbs) to get rid of before I am at my former normal weight again.

    I have found two things that makes sense to me, and that I'm sure I can follow as my new lifestyle for the rest of my life.

    Paleo food/drinks and intermittent fasting. They both go hand in hand really.
    To eat the kind of foods we are designed for, and only eating for a few hours a day, after the "succesful gathering and hunt".

    I've tried them both a bit on and off the last year and I really like it. It is definitely a lifestyle I can stick to, and if I feel like eating for example some bread or snacks in my eating window, it is not the end of the world.

    Tonight it is New Years Eve, so it feels nice to start my new lifestyle after midnight. :)

    I am aiming for a 6 hour eating window, between 3 pm and 9 pm. Then I can break my fast with whatever I want, then eat dinner with my family (man and daughter) and have a snack and/or a glass of wine in the evening.

    I will try to eat as paleo like as possible in the eating window, but I will not feel bad if I eat other foods as well.

    Your blog will help a lot! Thanks Jenna and congrats on the great results! :)

  2. Jenna,

    It is definitely easier to gain than lose - that's just the way it is. But don't stress, I know you'll drop those pounds once you go back to dinners only. Don't forget high intensity exercise - either heavy weights or sprints. I think that's key to resetting your metabolism and it works so well in combination with intermittent fasting!

    Happy New Year,


  3. Jenna, you are brave to post your life online and allow all of us "experts" to nitpick!

    I have periodically followed Doctor Herring's Fast-5 for about three years now. I've tried different arrangements and windows and found that Doctor Herring's original premise to be sufficient.

    So while Doctor Herring says any five hour window is OK, it's hard to do in the real world and that's why he recommends 5pm - 10pm. Likewise, I think that Fast-5 is all anyone NEEDS to lose weight -- restricting the window further with types of food or longer fasts just makes it harder and the harder it is the less likely we are to stick with it.

    I started Fast-5 and was losing 2-3 lbs. per week. Now I lose about one pound over TWO weeks - some of those weeks I'm up. It's coming off slowly but I really enjoy my eating window and if I didn't I wouldn't stick with it.

    So, I know you're frustrated but hang in there and work the plan because it works!


  4. ...pain!! Like the last commenter I lose a couple pounds a month and sometimes gain from one week to another, booo. But if I stay consistent the monthly trend is down. Stay with what you know works!! I'm chewing for you!!! Happy New Year :)

  5. That's "cheering" not "chewing". (Last time I try to write a comment on my phone.)

  6. Chris, maybe you are right about only sticking to the eating window and not restrict food to certain types. It sounds easier to follow the IF if I can look forward to ANY food I desire. :)

    I will just start like that and see how it goes. I will still allow myself a 6 hour window though, but I will not restrict food to Paleo only.

    Thanks for the advice!

    It is now around 10 am in Sweden. 5 hours until I break my first fast. :-D

  7. What I also love about IF is the flexibility. Even if I'll try to keep my 6 hour eating window the same time most days, I can move it around if needed.:)

    Thanks again Jenna! Love your blog and how much I learned from you and others here!

  8. Cindell,
    Best of luck! I've had great results (though slow!) with IF and a vegetarian, no refined sugar, no refined flour diet.

  9. Thank you "goal is THIN" :)

    It's funny because I clicked on your name in the post above, and realized you are the author of the other IF blog I just started to read some day back! I really appreciate the inspiration from your blog :)

    It is so nice to read about others successes with IF and it only strenghtens my belief that IF is a good lifestyle. THE lifestyle for me!

  10. Thanks so much everyone for the encouragement! I am so happy that my little blog can help motivate. Good Luck Cindell! I know you can do it! All the way from Sweden, WOW! Any help I can offer, please let me know!


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