Monday, January 10, 2011

No Wheat, No Dairy, No Thanks

Well, I tried. I did it for a week and it really sucked. It really felt like I was on a diet, and we all know how I feel about diets. I really don’t do well when I deprive myself of the foods I love. That is why I have done so well with intermittent fasting. I can eat what I love and still lose weight. I am sure that a wheat free, dairy free diet is very good for you but it just doesn’t work for me.

I don’t really feel bad when I eat wheat and dairy, at least I didn’t when I put it back in on the weekend, so I really don’t see the benefit of it for me. I will certainly try to cut back on my wheat intake though where I can, buying rice pasta and 100% rye bread as I like these options and they don’t taste any different to me so why not?

I had a good weekend and enjoyed the food I ate, wheat, dairy and all.


  1. Good for you for trying!! It's a hard to do. It's experiments like that that have led us to IF -- so it's good to try new things, even if they don't work out. Now you know! Best of luck for the new year!

  2. At least you tried it and found it wasn't for you. I think you can keep depend on Fast-5, just that it might go a bit slower the less weight you have to lose. :)

    I myself find that if I eat a lot of sugar and cereals (all kinds) I have a hard time losing weight. I guess it's mainly because it raises blood sugar so high which releases insulin, our main fat storing hormone.

    The base of my nourishment these days comes from meat, fish, vegetables, berries, nuts, honey, cheese, butter and coconut fat. Also a fruit now and then. I feel so much better and my weight is comming off nicely. :)

    I haven't totally forbidden cereals, but I eat very little and very seldom from it.

    On another note, my IF is working great already! I thought I would have a hard time getting used to it, but it's already easy and I feel great!

    I started to test a bit of different varieties in december. Fell of the wagon several times (mostly because I was lazy and not so commited then). On New Years Day I started my 18/6 regime and only had a few fallbacks. The past days I have been strict and it's not hard at all anymore. In fact it's fun and rewarding. :)

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