Thursday, April 28, 2011

63 hours and one to go

Well, I completed another long fast. I am on hour 63 and plan to break my fast at 12 noon in one hour with a lunch of stir fry with broccoli, carrot, snow peas, bean sprouts, zucchini, cauliflower, chicken, beef, noodles and rice with teriyaki and soy sauce. I will also get my favourite onion rings to have as a treat and some dessert of peanut butter cups! MMMMMM....

I have been dreaming about food since last night. It is definitely more of a challenge doing these extended fasts. Especially when there are nothing but food commercials and people eating around you all day and night! But, I managed to get through it and this morning the scale showed a loss of over 7LBS since I weighed in before the fast!!! Pretty amazing. I think the number was a bit inflated though because I had done nothing but drink wine and eat restaurant food for a week so I am sure I was retaining a lot of water due to dehydration and too much salt. But in any case, I am back to the number I was at when I left for my vacation so that was the goal.

I am definitely going to incorporate these extended fasts into my routine. I needed to kick it up a notch to break this plateau and I really think that this will help me out. I tried eating less during my eating window and although I still will try and sometimes I am successful, it seems harder to me than having an extended fast once every month or two. I guess that is why intermittent fasting works so well for me rather than counting calories or eating small meals of veggies and protein every two hours or any of the other deprivation diets out there. I find it easier to eat nothing at all, for a certain amount of time, rather than to watch what I eat every meal, every, whatever works.

I am very grateful for fasting and how it has helped me change my life.


  1. Wow Jenna, amazing, just shows what our bodies are capable of and our minds when we want to do something. Well done and enjoy your break fast. Yes it is much easier to not eat then do small meals or count cals/ counting points etc.. When I fast, I just find although sometimes I might miss food, or feel hungry. It does not call me all day as it does when I am eating meals throughout the day. Does that makes sense? Hope you get a good loss at the end of it.

  2. Yay!! You are the superstar of intermittent fasting!!! I am so happy for you. Seeing you do these long fasts just proves to me that there is no reason I can't maintain a 19 hour daily one. (((hugs)))

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