Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Another long fast

Well, I am back from vacation and back up the 5 Lbs I lost before I went!!

Not really too bad considering I had a lot of wine and restaurant food on my vacation! And a lot of dessert! So 5Lbs isn't too bad.

Today I am beginning another long fast journey to try to correct the damage I did on my vacation. I stopped eating yesterday at 8pm and plan on fasting until Thursday at 12noon. That will be a total of 64 hours fasting! I am working my way up to a 72 hour fast. I think I would really like to incorporate these long fasts into my routine. Once a month do a long 60-72hour fast to fix up any extra calories that are consumed in the month.

I had a great time in Las Vegas and Texas this past couple of weeks. The weather was AMAZING! Sunny and hot every day. So nice to escape the rain out here in Vancouver and lay in the sun for a change. It went WAY too fast, but it was really great to see my best friend again who lives in Austin and to play with her two beautiful children who are such angels. Thanks to her and her husband for such wonderful hospitality.

So far I have been fasting for 19 hours. I feel fine, have had no hunger at all yet today. I look forward to going to yoga tonight as well and hope that after I complete my fast on Thursday afternoon that the scale will be back where it was when I left! Wish me luck!!


  1. :) Removing myself from all weight loss related blogs. This isn't anything personal, but wanted to give you a reason rather then just remove myself with NO explanation. We are adults after all! LOL

  2. Good luck with the fast, I am sure it will be off in no time. Your vacation sounded lovely and glad you had a good time.

  3. Thanks for creating this blog and for posting details of your schedule and progress. I want to know, do you workout on a regular basis (other than catching the train, which can be a workout in itself!)?

  4. When I started fasting in January 2010, I did a year of fasting with no exercise at all. Then I started incorporating weight training into my routine which I liked for a while but it eventually slowed down and I don't do it anymore.

    Now I do yoga three days a week and love that, but other than that I don't exercise.

    I should though. It is great for your heart and your health and I really should incorporate some cardio into my routine. The key is just finding something to do that I like that can become a part of my lifestyle just like Intermittent fasting has helped me change my lifestyle. I am still looking for that thing...but I will get there!


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