Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Well, I have successfully completed my 60 HOUR FAST!!! YEAH!! It was pretty good. I didn't have any trouble with it except for around 6pm last night when I got home from work I started contemplating giving in...but I didn't! I stuck it out and didn't break my fast until 12 noon today which put me dead on at 60 hours!

I did have trouble doing my workout though. I tried to do my weight routine but felt a bit tired and woozy so decided to sit it out instead. I will try again another day to put the weights back in. But I will be going to Yoga tonight so I will get that exercise in.

I drank tons of water and one cup of tea yesterday which really helped to keep me on track. I think that is why at 6pm I was wavering a bit, I had been on my commute for over an hour with no liquids. The liquids really help in keeping the stomach in check. Last night I noticed in the mirror how flat my stomach looked. It was nice to see the progress I have made, sometimes I don't notice it because it is so slow, but I certainly saw a difference last night.

I felt really good this morning, full of energy and happy and excited about the day. I was calm when I went to get my food. I got a bit over excited when it was getting close to eating it but I just put myself in check and calmed myself down. And when I did eat, I was careful to eat small bites, put down the fork and chew slowly. It was really nice because I really enjoyed my food and I feel full and satisfied.

I wasn't successful at just having a salad and some snacks though, I decided that I would be in danger of getting more food from the vending machine or the coffee shop downstairs if I didn't have enough food for my lunch. So, instead I got a stir fry with broccoli, cauliflower, snap peas, zucchini, bean sprouts, carrots, and some chicken and rice. That was really enjoyable but also chalk full of nutrients.

I am pretty happy with the results on the scale. IN TWO DAYS I LOST 5LBS!!! I know that some will come back after eating etc. But if I keep it in check today and don't eat anything else, I should keep most of that off. So hopefully this will mean that I have broken that plateau finally. But we will see how it goes in the long term.
But for now, I am really pleased and I think that I may try this again next month. Maybe make it a new part of my routine. Since I already do one long 38-48 hour fast once per week, it isn't really that hard to extend it to 60-72 hours once a month. It would add that little extra I seem to need to get me to the next level.


  1. Way to go! Woo hoo!!! I am so happy for you!! You did it!!! Thanks for taking the time to give us a detailed report.

  2. Wow what an achievement Jenna, you really inspire me. When I first discovered Fast-5 (I'm 27 days into it now), I read your blog from start to finish, it was so helpful and informative. I found it so reassuring that there are other people out there eating this way who are not afraid to tell everyone of their experiences. I have faced nothing but negative comments from anyone I tried to tell about Fast-5 so I have decided not to tell people anymore. I look forward to your updates. Thanks for taking the time to keep us all going!

  3. Well done Jenna! :)

    And "Anonymous", I too have found it best to not tell anyone of our Fast-5 (or in my case 'Fast-6') routine.

    People will only attack you for one reason o the other, regardless of how good you feel healthwise. :)

  4. Congratulations, Jenna! You are amazing - you are someone who is able to set a goal and pursue it with resolve and even enthusiasm. A great role model! I think you really turned a corner by carefully easing back into eating rather than going for the celebratory meal. That has made a big difference for me. It really helps reinforce how we are able to control our eating and enjoy it -- rather than letting it control us.

    I'm often asked: What's the difference between anorexia and controlled or intermittent fasting. The difference is that when you do IF correctly, you are not only in control of your eating, but you really enjoy food. You just don't need to eat as much food to enjoy it. Whereas for anorexics, food is the enemy, there is no pleasure or joy. I find that I enjoy food so much more now, each flavor is precious. When you overindulge, it backfires and you are left with a certain sick feeling. When you eat "lightly" and nutritiously, food is always a joy, never a poison.

    Good going and keep up the good work!


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