Thursday, April 14, 2011

Who to tell and when

One of the most common things I hear from fellow fasters is that they get lots of criticism from the people around them about how they choose to eat. It is natural that people would react this way. What we are doing is against the norm, against society and against what everyone is being taught by the food and diet industry.

Diet industries don't really want us to get thin and stay thin. They want to keep selling books and powders and pills. How better to do that than to create a diet that is impossible to stick to long term, you would then re-gain the weight and go right back to them, buying their "updated version" of the book and the newest powders and potions.

Food industries want us to eat, and eat lots. They make BILLIONS of dollars getting us to do that. TV sells us the midnight snack and chips and dips for that big game. It is all about food and lots of it. They say thinks like, "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day." "Your body neads fuel to run, you wouldn't drive your car with no gas would you?" "Your metabolism will crash if you don't eat regular meals every day."

I have being fasting now for over a year, others who follow this blog have been fasting double or triple that time. We will all tell you that the claims above are simply not true. Our experience backed by countless research studies highlighted on this blog prove that it is not true.

But, everyone needs to do what is right FOR THEM. There are lots of healthy people out there who eat three square meals or six small meals a day. There are lots of healthy people out there who eat no carbs, or do the zone, or follow weight watchers or have surgery to make their stomach smaller. All of these methods are great, if they work for you then all the power to you! And by "work" I mean long term maintainable results that last!

It is ok if not everyone shares your enthusiasm for fasting. If it works for you, ignore them all. In the beginning, I would strongly suggest that you tell very few if not no one what method you are trying because the truth is that they will have a hard time buying into it at first glance without seeing real results.

I got TONS of slack in the beginning. I tried not to tell too many people, but the people I told were not very supportive. BUT, once I had lost a significant amount of weight and the people around me began to see the changes in me, their criticism had less effect on me and frankly less effect on them too, they couldn't deny that it was working for me. I was looking better and feeling better and acting better too. I was happier and calmer, they saw that.

After a while people just began to accept, and those who didn't, my standard response was, "It really works for me and that is all that matters, we all have to do what works for us."

For those of you who are new to this way of life, keep intermittent fasting under your belt for a while. Eventually your belt will get so big on you that intermittent fasting will have to be revealed and by then, the argument will seem irrelevant.

You have to do what works FOR YOU!


  1. Thank you for this, great helpful advice. LIVE and LET LIVE!

  2. Hi Jenna!

    I just found your blog yesterday and have read through all of your posts. I think you are doing a great job with your fasting - and the blog. Very informative, supportive and great to see someone else using the same approach!

    I started eating like this last month and so far I love it. I wait until dinner time each night to eat (around 5 p.m.) and generally just eat one big meat/veggie meal and then something like a bowl of popcorn to fill me up if I need it.

    I am newly amazed every day with how little I actually need to eat. And how satisfying that food is.

    I hope to see the same progress you have made and I will be reading along with everyone else as you continue "releasing" those unwanted lbs!

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  4. I do think your right about this, for me I do not have the results to back up this way of eating yet. So everyone is quite judgemental. I do not discuss it with them at all. If I am have to meet family or friends for dinner or lunch I fit my fast around them and so eat with them and do not have to say anything to them. I hope I can stay consistent and have some results soon. Well done on your long 60 hour fast!!

  5. Congrats on your 60 hour fast!! Ok Jenna you've inspired me to try a 30 hour fast (baby steps for me)
    I've been doing pretty good on IF since last year (I am the one that got married NYE)...but I am finally, after a year, ready to try a longer fast. You're my inspiration! =)

  6. Very timely post. Just yesterday I was talking to my aunt who lives ten blocks away from us and silly me, I told her about my diet and she fired back saying that what I am doing is dangerous. She said I will have a problem with my ulcer someday, etc. And so I have to explain to her what this diet is doing to me so far and that it is quite safe. To further reassure her that I know what I am doing, I told her that if I feel weak or something then I will stop it right away. That stopped her.

    Now, I will just keep my mouth shut about my diet and will not tell another soul. At least until I see some concrete and obvious results. BTW, I started only last April 5 of this year.

  7. Your so right in sharing with others about keeping it under their belt for a bit. As one that has been fasting for over four years now, I still continue to get A LOT of flack from others,,,I find though at work, well, I've brought my 'before' pictures in and have shared with quite a few..It sure has hit the point that fasting DOES work...I have also met a co worker that has been fasting over a year now and has lost 60 pounds, She has 100 more to go. It was so neat to find out she too has been doing this. Thanks for stopping by Jenna..

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