Thursday, May 6, 2010

Loving photos again

I have noticed that I love being in photos again...I was in hiding for a couple of years there... Every time I saw a picture of myself I would just cringe! I didn't like that there was proof of how big I was. Here is a good that me?

Now I am back to living life and wanting to document the journey. This is a fun photo that I snapped of myself and my hubby as we took a walk near our home today. We didn't realize until we saw the photo that our dog, Bexley (who is like our son) decided to pose for the photo too! Now it is a family photo! So cute.

I also had another non-scale victory yesterday when I was walking near my office after lunch. I saw one of my co-workers approaching from a distance and when we finally met he said, "Wow, I didn't recognize you for a minute there, you have lost so much weight!" That felt good.

Today I had a great lunch of my usual spinach salad with broccoli and carrot shavings, feta cheese, cucumber, croutons and half an avocado with thai sesame salad dressing with a bit of balsamic vinaigrette. Then I had chicken breast and brown rice, one of those little cheeses in the red wax, and a yummy cheese scone with peppers in it. Then one of my co-workers gave me a mini cupcake which was very good. I snacked later on some almonds.

I have been at a bit of a plateau this past week, staying at the 181-182 mark. Hopefully my all day fast on Sunday will kick me back on track in the downward motion. But despite that I am feeling great and very excited about my progress so far. 

Half way point, HERE I COME!


  1. You're doing absolutely fantastic~ and I find your posts so motivational!

  2. You are gorgeous dahling! Thanks for your kind words of support. ((hugs))


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