Friday, May 28, 2010

Non-Scale Victories

Today I had a non-scale victory! Someone at work said to me, "You look GREAT!" It feels good when people actually say something. Sometimes I notice people looking at me like they think something is different but they don't say anything. I kind of want to wear a sign that says, "I lost 36 Pounds!" In any case, it feels good to have people notice.

I have kept to my schedule of walking for one hour five days per week, Monday to Friday. I wanted to also do weights Monday to Friday as well, but only did them twice this week. Maybe next week will be better.

Tomorrow night my hubby is making home made lasagna and home made garlic bread with caesar salad for dinner. I am really looking forward to that and to my pottery class on Sunday. Last weekend was a long weekend for us and so Sunday there was no pottery class, I always miss it when I don't go at least once per week.

Today I had:

Spinach salad with cabbage, cucumber, feta cheese, croutons, sesame seeds and pumpkin seeds with balsamic vinegar dressing and asian sesame as usual.

Spicy chicken and white rice with a sour dough roll and butter.

Angel food cake, chocolate pudding and cool whip for dessert.

Later for a snack I had some almonds and granola with strawberries, blueberries, banana and yogurt. I extended my fast a bit today because after work I really had a craving for Pringles chips and so I ate a small tin of those a half an hour after my eating window closed.

Looking forward to my all day fast. Hopefully it will knock me off this plateau I have been on all week...Holding steady at the same exact weight all week. On Tuesday I dropped back down to where I was before I had the 4Lb gain. Since then I have stayed exactly the same all week. I know the all day fast on Sunday will help get me going again. I'll keep you posted!

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