Sunday, November 28, 2010

Goal Support

When you tell the people in your life your weight loss goal, do you ever get any disapproval or negativity towards that goal?

Lately I have been telling people about my goal of being at or around 135-140 by May 19th and/or a size 8. I get comments like:

Don't forget you are older now.

You're pretty tall, that might be too thin.

Don't get boney, boney isn't pretty.

How come all the women out there who have perfect, healthy bodies and look fantastic in a bathing suit are allowed to be thin and I am not? Because I have been heavy most of my adult life I have to stay overweight in some way for those who know me to perceive me as healthy?

Are they just used to me being fat and so can't imagine me being thin? Is it jealousy? Do they think I won't succeed and so are trying to help me not get my hopes up? I don't understand why women who are far older than me are allowed to have fantastic, healthy, muscular bodies and I am not.

In my opinion, being 5'7" and 135-140 pounds is very healthy. In fact for my height I would be considered healthy if I was as low as 120 pounds. Size 8 is a very reasonable size to want to be for my height. But why do I have to defend that? Why?

I really don't get it.

Catherine Zeta Jones: 5'8" and 130 Lbs. She looks fantastic to me and she is taller than me and older than I am, how can she be thin and over 40? According to people I know, You can't be thin when you are older.

Roselyn Sanchez: 5'7 and 130 Lbs. She also looks fantastic and perfectly healthy.


  1. I think you have a very reasonable goal sweet Jenna. My goal is to be in the 120's and that's why I am ready to kick some serious fasting bootay.

  2. I have about decided to not discuss weight loss with anyone anymore. Everyone seems to be a weight loss and dietary expert as soon as the subject comes up. I think I'll do what I do and let the results speak for themselves. Thanks for the encouragement, Jenna!

  3. I get the same thing!! Friends saying "you look great but don't loose another pound." I think it's more than jealousy but weight is always a complex issue in female friendships. I don't want to seem gloating to friends who are heavy right now but I'm really pleased to be losing -- sometimes I end up pretending it was easy to make it less of an issue. It's a hard balance to find.

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