Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Going down

After my long fast on Sunday, I am back in the 160s! This morning's weigh in was 168.5. Feeling good! I have been using the site www.loseit.com that one of my readers recommended. I LOVE IT! So easy to use. Just log your calories and exercise and it will tell you when you can expect to reach your goal. I try to put my calories for the day in before I eat them so I can make adjustments to my plan if I start going in the red zone...

I prefer not to count calories but this makes it much easier and I think I need a little help at this stage. It gets slower as you get further along so any bit helps.

Got back to my exercise yesterday too, now that I have finally kicked this cold. Did my bar method DVD and lifted some heavy weights.

I wanted to do another long fast on Thursday but we are having a work lunch that day so I have to skip it this week... Should be fine though if I can keep my calories under control this week using loseit.com. SO glad I didn't end up staying in the 170s because of my weekend. Good to know that my body will bounce back if I do!


  1. Congrats!

    Last week I called my girlfriend who lives three doors down.

    "Can I use your scale?"

    dead silence on the phone, than 'ya'.

    "No I don't need your scale, I need to come over and weigh myself", lol.

    So off I go...

    In the evening (never weighed myself before in the evenings, always first thing in the morning when I had a scale and obsessively weighed mysef,lol)

    It's been since May that I weighed myself.

    Well I got on the scale.



    Sure some would say two pounds in six month is not much. I look at it that not only did I NOT gain, but I maintained, and LOST two pounds. I'm just a smiggin where I can say good bye to 140's..oh my goodness, ....

    The plateau has been a long one for me. A year almost. I read somewhere at another persons blog where her plateau was two years,,than when it stopped, the weight melted off and not only did she reach her goal, she exceeded it by losing 10 more pounds..It gave me some encouragement for this time I was in this plateau.

  2. Congratulations on staying in the 160s! That's awesome! I'm looking forward to seeing how adding in the calorie counting and returning to excercise transforms your body even more. You are looking great!


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