Monday, November 15, 2010

Our society will not let us diet!

Our society will not let us diet, so stop spending all the money on the latest diet fad!!! Think about it. How many holidays are there?

Valentines Day
Mother's Day
Father's Day
Independence Day/Canada Day
New Years

...and MANY MORE!

Each and every one of these holidays are centred around food! Chocolate, gravy, alcohol, candy, cookies, and BIG CELEBRATORY MEALS!

That isn't even including:

Birthdays (how many birthday parties do you go to in a year? Hello! Every one of them has CAKE!)
That lunch/brunch/dinner that you have with a friend you haven't seen in a while
Dinner parties
...and SO MUCH MORE!

What are you going to do at a dinner party, say, "Can I just get a salad with the dressing on the side and that's it?" NO, that would be rude!

How can anyone be successfully on a diet and live in our world? They can't. They don't. At least not long term. They go to that dinner party and they eat what is put in front of them. They go to the Christmas party and have some wine and enjoy themselves, they eat a slice of birthday cake with their family. Then they go home and beat themselves up because they "cheated".

STOP beating yourself up!!! Live your life. EAT.

Intermittent fasting has opened our world up for me again. Now my friends and family don't roll their eyes whenever they have to have a meal with me because "I can't have this, that and the other thing." I eat what everyone else eats.

Every celebratory meal you have is usually planned. With intermittent fasting, all you have to do is fast up until that meal. It is so flexible. I have a schedule that I follow in my routine life, day to day etc. of eating one meal at lunch. When I have a function, I move my window to accommodate the meal.

Saturday night dinner party? Wait til dinner. Sunday brunch? Eat brunch and then fast the rest of the day. Dinner with the girls? You get the picture.

STOP torturing yourself and CELEBRATE!


  1. Right on sistah!! You know I totally agree. High five!!

  2. You got it girl!! I do the same thing..If I know I will be attending the function, I just make that my main meal...and fast after wards...Done that quite a few times. I'm not going to miss out on the parties, and definitely not miss out on going to the Mandarin..oh my..the best Chinese Buffet EVAAAAAAA!!lol

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