Saturday, November 27, 2010


Thinking about plateaus and worrying about progress has been less lately. I was looking at my progress charts. I usually enter my weight weekly and view my progress as a weekly chart. But now, since I have been doing Fast 5 for so long I have a clear picture of my progress monthly too.

When you look at the chart monthly, there doesn't seem to be any plateaus at all. Just a pretty solid diagonal line in the right direction (Other than one little blip). I find this very encouraging.

I think that recording your weight can have its pro's and con's but if you are consistent in your weight loss actions they will show positive results which could help to keep you on the right track.

Here is my weekly weight chart. It looks a bit up and down, up and down and sometimes that is discouraging when I am writing down my weight. But when you see it here, it appears as though this is a natural process that the body goes through in order to successfully go down permanently. The purple lines at the end are my weight loss goals. The first to be at around 152 by February 19th. The second is to be at my goal weight of 135 by May 19th.

Here is my monthly chart. You can see what I mean when I say pretty solid diagonal line. This looks pretty consistent (except for that one little blip in the middle). I find this chart the most encouraging.

Here are the sites I use for tracking my weight loss: Weight Chart & Lose It If you don't already use them, give them a try and see if they can help you to see your weight loss in a different light.

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