Sunday, November 14, 2010


Had an indulgent weekend as hubby and I and some friends went across the border for the weekend to do some shopping. We stayed at a wonderful hotel near some outlet malls and enjoyed ourselves. The food was to die for! SO good. I kept on my schedule but definitely ate over the amount of calories I should have had.

Yesterday we had a wonderful dinner at Red Lobster, which we don't have in our part of Canada so it was a real treat. I love their food! Especially the biscuits! Too many calories but lots of enjoyment. Today I tried to make up for it with an all day fast, because the scale put me back in the 170s this morning with a weigh in at 171.3. BOOOO!!

Hopefully tomorrow, after my long fast, I will be back on track and back in the 160s. I will be careful to keep my calories low and watch what I bring for lunch tomorrow so I don't go over again. I will try to put another long fast in on Thursday to try to fix the damage I did this weekend! I will keep you posted!

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  1. Glad you had a good time gorgeous! You'll be back in the 160's real soon. I love Red Lobster too!! We eat there ever Christmas Eve and I can't wait :)


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