Monday, February 15, 2010

10 reasons why I love Fast-5

Since I have been eating only during my "eating window"
(around 12:30 pm - 5:30 pm), I have noticed a lot of changes.

Here are 10 of the reasons why I love Fast-5:

1. I have gotten smaller. 
    18 Lbs gone forever. 

2. I have more energy.
    No more sleepy afternoons or sugar crashes.

3. I am less bloated.
    I used to feel so gassy and full after eating all day. 
    The evenings were very uncomfortable.

4. I have clearer skin.
    I used to struggle with acne and now I have consistently clear skin. 
    No more breakouts!

5. My hair is healthier and shinier.
    I drink way more water now than I ever did and I think it is helping 
    with my skin, hair and nails. It is flushing out all the toxins I have 
    been storing up for years.

6. I am happy and hopeful about my weight.
    I never felt hopeful when dieting. I always felt grumpy and irritated. 
    I felt hungry and deprived. I felt like it was a temporary change that 
    was a lot of work and would never last. I always wondered how I was 
    going to maintain the lifestyle the diets constricted me to. 
    I always wondered how much weight I was going to put on 
    again after stopping the diet.

7. I enjoy my food more.
    I look forward to my eating time. I think about what I am going to have 
    and it tastes so good and is so enjoyable. I don't eat quick and 
    mindlessly like before. I eat the foods I love!

8. I sleep through the night.
    I used to wake up anywhere from 3-6 times during the night. 
    I would feel uncomfortable in bed, toss and turn and rarely 
    wake up rested. Eating less throughout the day has improved 
    my quality of sleep. I now wake up only 1-2 times per night. 
    I get way more sleep.

9. No more guilt trips.
    I used to feel so guilty when I would eat the foods I love. 
    Now I can enjoy pasta, bread, sweets, whatever I want with no guilt.

10. I am healthier.
    With all of the above, my health overall has improved.
    I drink more water, get more sleep, I take more vitamins.
    I feel less stressed and more happy! I have started to be more 
    aware of what I am eating and the nutrients that I am getting. 
    I eat more fruits and veggies because I know that since this is 
    my only meal, I need healthy foods.

No one can argue with the above 10 results I have seen. If I feel good and am seeing results like these then that is all the proof I need to recommend this lifestyle to anyone. Fast-5 works!

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