Sunday, February 21, 2010

Full Fast Sundays Part 2

Extend the fast for a plateau kickstart!

This is my second Sunday now where I have been attempting to fast for the entire day. It is one of the recommendations that Dr. Herring suggests for breaking that plateau and I have noticed that it definitely gives the body that kick start to get back to moving in a downward direction!

Last Sunday was a breeze. No problem at all, no hunger at all. I kept a full stomach of water and tea and occupied myself with creating beautiful pottery!

Today is my second attempt of the full fast Sunday experiment and so far it is also going very well. Pottery class took up most of my day. I feel full of energy, very clear minded and calm and I am looking forward to my reward meal tomorrow when I can eat my husband's famous ENCHILADAS!


  1. I am so thankful for these posts. With the excitement of my race this past weekend and leading up to that point, my intermittent fasting has been sporadic. I'm looking forward to climbing back in the saddle tomorrow. I feel so yucky when I eat like I used to eat...all throughout the day.

  2. "feel full of energy, very clear minded and calm"

    I find when I have done a complete fast, I too have experienced these effects in a greater degree than just fasting the two meals a day. I've done three day fasts periodically. I try to do at least one a year...


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