Thursday, February 25, 2010

The "IF" Life

I recently found a new free book on the subject of Intermittent Fasting by Mike O'Donnell, link below.

I find it interesting how people react when they hear what I am doing. They all wrinkle their eyebrows and look at me like I must be crazy. They say things like, "Why don't you just try eating 6 small meals a day instead?" and  "You know if you don't eat, your body will just store fat when you do eat."

Well, that's weird because since I have been doing this I have dropped 20LBS!! Strange, since my body is supposed to be storing fat right?

The IF Life book talks a bit about the 6 meals a day myth and Paula posted something about it on her loving life a latte blog earlier as well. It is a MYTH that your metabolism will kick into high gear and burn more fat with 6 small meals a day. There is no difference between 6 small meals a day and one big one. Unless you count the fact that one big one is MUCH more satisfying than eating rice cakes and salad six times a day. Not to mention the fact that food runs your life at 6 small meals a day.

Take a look at Mike O'Donnells book at the link below.

The IF Life


  1. Wow, great information and link. I will definitely check out the free ebook. You're doing awesome!!! So glad we can be weird together.

  2. I LOVED this bottom picture. I was just sharing with someone today about IF and telling him how I can eat an amazing meal, AMAZING meal, than eat all these little piddly meals throughout the day, AND still lose weight.

    Since I've been living this life style for three years now, oh girl, the looks, the raised eyebrows, the 'blank stares' I've gotten. LOL.

    It's almost like they don't want to hear it, EVEN though they have asked how I lost the weight, are still blown away by how much I've lost and how different I look.

    MANY people who haven't seen in me in awhile, said they didn't even recognize me. When they hear about how I've lost it though, I don't know, sometimes I feel many want the 'quick fix', the 'diet' that they can try. Forget the lifestyle. The changes that will make a difference.

    Quick fixes..

    This has NOT been a quick fix but definitely a life time fix that will be with me as I journey to a healthier and more active life...and FREE from the addiction to food.


    and YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY CANADA@@@ We have been on a roll..yahooooooooooooooooooooo....

  3. I have been doing the fasting thing since Dec. 3, and have lost 20 pounds since then, (had lost some before getting smart and doing it the easy way) and dropped from a size 14 jeans to a size 6. I can even get into 4's!
    I find this WAY easier than eating measured amounts during the day. When supper time comes, I EAT!
    I find the main responses I get from people that ask what I'm doing is:
    #1, "thats not good for you." and
    #2 "oh I could never do that."
    I say, "being 60 pounds overweight wasn't good for me eaither," and "if I can do it, ANYBODY can!"


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