Monday, February 15, 2010

A sample of my "Break-Fast"

For me breakfast (break-fast) is at 12:30pm. This is when I break the fast and eat my first meal. I thought it would be a good idea to post some samples of what I eat in a normal day so viewers can see that I truly am eating what I love and not depriving myself at all.

Today at about 1pm I had lasagna and garlic bread...mmmmmm yummy!

Then at about 2:30pm I had some veggies and hummus for dipping and some grapes. Gotta get in those fruits and veggies! I also had some vitamins, Natural Factors pro-biotic, Si Su multi-vitamin, and a Calcium/Magnesium/Vitamin D combo. I try to take these everyday with my "break-fast".

At about 4pm I had dessert. Angel food cake, low fat chocolate pudding, a scoop of vanilla ice cream and light cool whip! One of my favourite desserts that I always used to eat when I was doing my old stand-by diet, Weight Watchers (without the ice cream of course). 

Now I am nice and full and had a great meal of foods that I love!


  1. WOW! And all of that within a 5 hr window and no weight GAIN? That's wonderful!

  2. are the vitamins you mentioned a slow release vitamin? I have ALWAYS had trouble with vitamins as they don't break up well in my system.

  3. I usually eat quite a lot in my window. Now that I have released almost 40Lbs, the weight loss is slowing down a bit but I still haven't gained anything other than the occasional pound or so that comes off again and then some the next week.

    I don't know if the vitamins are slow release or not but I use the name brands SI SU and Natural Factors. I always take vitamins with food so they can go through my system slower and I have been advised by a nutritionist not to drink water 1/2 hour before, during or after meals to help the vitamins stay in the body longer.

    Hope that helps!

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