Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Olympics have brought the world to my city!

The Olympics are in full bloom in the city right now. Every day when I am downtown, I look around and all I see is a sea of red and white with flashes of the word CANADA everywhere. GO CANADA! The support in the city is amazing. There are so many visitors and they are all in awe of our beautiful city!

The weather is not so great on the mountains as far as snow goes, but down here in the city it is beautiful sunshine every day! Such perfect conditions for all the tourists. There are so many people just walking around, soaking up the spirit!

It makes me realize how beautiful this place is and how lucky I am to live here. I pass the views everyday and start to take them for granted until I hear a visitor say, "Wow, look at that!" or see someone taking a photo of our beautiful mountains. It is so nice to have the ocean and the mountains on our door step!

Vancouver is so special, I am glad the rest of the world gets to have a nice close up look! Take a look at what they are seeing below:

View of the "World of Science" (the blue ball in the middle).

View of Downtown Vancouver with the mountains in the distance.

View of Canada Place (the white sails) from the sea wall at Stanley Park.

The skyline from False Creek. You can see The Lions Peeks in the distance. (The two snow covered mountain peeks on the right hand side)

An aerial shot of downtown Vancouver with the mountains in the distance.

An aerial shot of vancouver with Stanley Park 
(the big green island in the water) and North Vancouver in the distance. 
The RED circle is the building I work in!

View of Vancouver with Stanley Park and North Vancouver in the Distance. The big white dome in the middle is BC Place, where they have football, home of the BC Lions.

The amazing mountains that surround our beautiful city! 


  1. My husband could NOT agree with you more! He LOVES British Columbia! He is born and breed BC. He was raised in Abbotsford BC. Thanks so much for sharing these beautiful pictures...

    GO CANADA!!!!

    "OH Canada, our home and native land"

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