Friday, February 26, 2010

Why this works for me

Tonight I felt like I got a really understood why this works for me...

We had company over, watching Olympic Hockey (We won by the way! Yeah! Canada to the Gold Metal Game!). Company usually means drinks and food. There were snacks around, and pizza, I really felt like eating. When I started to consider it and thought, "what's one night, no big deal," The thought was automatically dismissed. Why?

Because I had already planned to break my fast tomorrow at 12:30 with brunch at our favourite spot, The Log Cabin. They have amazing breakfast with fresh made hash browns and all the trimmings. As soon as I thought about eating chips, I was reminded that my next meal was going to be so much better than chips and all I had to do is just wait a little while.

With diets, there is no indulgence waiting just around the corner, no break from the deprivation. Unless you "cheat". Then the guilt would set in and you would stress about the weight. Stress causes you to gain weight, and so a vicious circle begins.

The best thought in the world, just wait a little while, then enjoy!

That's why this works for me.


  1. I feel like I wrote this..I so understand..and get it!

    Way to go..and goodbye guilt!!!

    I'll be following your post now b/c of Paula..she's a jewel and you seem to be the same kind of positive I love to read!

  2. That is my exact sentiments also. I keep reminding myself.."I'm going to be eating this later, it is WORTH the wait"...great post girl.

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