Monday, March 1, 2010

Another Successful Full Fast Sunday

This Sunday was my third in a row that I fasted the whole day and night. I like this little trick. It always helps push the scale down. It also helps with the overall calories that I consume throughout the week.

So far each Sunday I have felt AMAZING. This Sunday, I had pottery class in the morning which usually lasts until 4 or 5pm. This has been what has made the fasting on Sundays so easy as I am fully occupied and interested in what I am doing. But this time my class was done early because it is the last one in the session and so at around 2pm I found myself contemplating whether I should scrap the whole thing and get a sandwich.

But instead I thought about what home improvement projects I could work on to keep my mind from lingering on the thought of that sandwich. I decided to build some shelves to add to my kitchen cabinets and headed to the hardware store. My husband was busy all day helping his brother move so I thought I would try to get it completed before he got home. (he hates when I do home improvement, he thinks it is so messy and disruptive--I'm the one with all the tools in the relationship).

I bought a nice corner shelf and put it together. I propped it up on some teetering paint cans so I could fasten it to the wall and the cabinets and voila! Perfect... Then I noticed a nice empty space that might benefit from another set of to the hardware store again...

After searching the store, all I could find was a shelf that was one inch too wide. I sweet talked one of the workers there to cut it down to size for me. I was all happy and motivated to add this to my creation and so jumped right into putting this one together (without measuring the wall again to be sure).

After it was all put together I once again propped it up on the wobbling paint cans and voila! Not so perfect...It was 3 inches too deep! It stuck out like a sore thumb! Now what?

Fortunately, Peter, my stepdad to the rescue! He used his hand saw to cut down 6 pieces of already cut down shelves! I get it home, I re-drill all the cut off assembly holes, I put it together and prop it up...Perfect! Now how to attach it? The drill won't fit so I have to screw in the screws by hand, what a workout! By this time it is 10:30!!!

I did all of this running around and building things and using the drill and screwdriver and lifting and holding all while FASTING. It felt FANTASTIC. I actually said out loud to myself at one point, "I am so glad I didn't have that sandwich, I feel great!" So full of energy and motivation. Usually with all those obstacles I would have just given up, but I had so much get up and go.

Completed Shelves with some of my pottery on them.

I am really looking forward to next Sunday...what else needs to get fixed around here...?

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