Saturday, March 20, 2010

Social Acceptance

I seem to be posting more and more about social acceptance lately. I am more open now about this lifestyle and what I am doing and so people are putting their two cents in. I had another "grilling" at lunch yesterday because one of my co-workers referenced my lifestyle at the lunch table and so everyone started talking and asking me questions.

The frustrating part is they all seem to think this is such a hard thing that I am doing and of course the usual comments of, that's not healthy, why don't you just eat small meals all day and blah blah blah blah...just regurgitating everything we have all been made to believe is the "proper" way to eat.

Well, what is proper? And what is hard? I read a great post on Brad Pilon's blog about what Health Canada recommends eating for a healthy lifestyle (read the post here To me that is what would be "hard" and he clearly points out how easy it is to slowly add a bit here and there to end up over the amount of calories they recommend.

I think, if you enjoy eating only rice cakes and salad and going to the gym for hours a day and that works FOR YOU, then go for it. If you enjoy watching ever crumb you put in your mouth and feeling guilty when you stuff a donut in your face when no one is looking, then go for it. If you enjoy packing up 6 small meals every day and eating constantly, then go for it. If you enjoy losing 30 Lbs and gaining back 40 Lbs on the new grapefruit diet, then go for it.

But, I for one, was NOT enjoying it, for me that is what was hard. I, for one, want to just relax and enjoy my food and eat what I feel like eating. The weight is steadily disappearing and I feel great. That is all the proof I need that this is the "proper" way of eating FOR ME.

I find it interesting how people react to this lifestyle when they don't even blink an eye at lifestyles where you completely cut out carbs, or eat only the foods on a list that came in a box of supplements that cost $200, or cut out all foods that are white, or only have almonds, tobassco and maple syrup for a month.

When a person finds what works for them and it fits into THEIR lifestyle, then it isn't hard.

I kind of look at it like making the transition between being single and dating and finding your true love and getting married. Dating is hard, you find people who don't quite fit and it is a struggle. You are not able to completely relax around that person and it seems like it is too hard. Then you finally meet your soul mate and everything just seems to fit. People say it all the time, "I just knew." You completely relax and finally it doesn't feel like it is so hard anymore. The same is true of finding the lifestyle that suits you. You will "just know" when it is right.


  1. Loved the marriage analogy, so true!!

  2. Hi, Jenna!
    I am new to the Fast5...I have read the Ebook and have been reading your blogs. I love your writing and everything that you have been describing seems 'spot on'! I have tried probably every diet out there known to man, and it always comes back to less, lose more! Why cant we seem to get that simple truth in our heads? Im much happier this way! The Fast 5 seems to be really working for me. Im very excited about it! I read your blog and the comments of others, and Im continually being encouraged. Please keep writing! Your blog is an inspiration! :)

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