Monday, March 29, 2010

Versatility & Validation!

This week was a great week because I had a couple of functions to go to that required me to shift around my eating window and full fasting day. On Thursday I am off to Austin Texas to visit my best friend Kathleen! I can't wait! She moved out to Austin a few years ago and I try to get out to see her at least once a year. I can't wait to see her and her beautiful family and enjoy the wonderful city of Austin for a few days.

I know that I can easily keep on track while I am travelling and will definitely enjoy some of that Tex Mex food! MMMMM they have great Mexican out there!

I love how easy it is to fit my eating with intermittent fasting around my lifestyle. I usually fast all day on Sundays but this Sunday I had a baby shower to go to that was potluck...So, I switched my fasting day to Saturday and then enjoyed the treats at the shower on Sunday. It was a hat party that we had to make hats for. I made my hat and my food and my present for the mommy to be on Saturday to keep me busy. I have no problem now moving my window to whenever it suits me on the weekends. I still keep it pretty steady during the week.

Me in my hat at the party.

The scale did not go down this week but it didn't go up either and I lost 4 Lbs last week so I am not worried. Just keep on going!

I had my yearly physical today at the doctor and I haven't seen him since I started practicing intermittent fasting. I was curious to see what he had to say about all of this. I told him how much weight I have lost, and he knows this has been a struggle for me. He was very impressed at how much I had released and asked how I was doing it. I was a bit worried how he would react because I have had a lot of people tell me how unhealthy they think this is.

He said he thought it was great how well I was doing and told me he thought there was no harm in eating only once per day. He said he didn't see any difference between eating small meals all day or eating one big one. He said, as long as I am feeling good and seeing positive changes in how I look and feel then it was a good thing. He also said that my cholesterol numbers were impressively low, the kind of numbers he gives patients pills to try to obtain. He told me to keep up the good work!

So nice to get validation from my doctor that I am on the right track!


  1. Yay for you!! You look so radiant in your picture, gorgeous!! You continue to inspire me and I thank God for having met you in blogland. Yay too for your supportive doctor. I can't wait to see my doctor's reaction when I go next month for my visit. I am so proud of you!! You might want to add the link to my in your sidebar. I started a blogroll on the site of fellow Fast 5'ers. Mucho love and ((hugs)).

  2. nice! your going to be in my neck of the woods..I'm 1 1/2 southwest (the Hill Country) in fact lots of Austin croonies come our way for the rivers..have a great time!

    Congrats on doing so well!

  3. Jenna, funny that you mention Austin. My best friend lives there,,and....Im actually planning on moving there early next year! I live in Washington state near Seattle right now. Im originally from Texas. Loved your post on the TexMex food! Yup! I sure miss that great Texas BBQ and chili! ;)


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