Monday, March 22, 2010

Successful Week

This week was a wonderful week as far as weight loss! I am down over 4 Lbs in one week! A total of 28.8LBS! I am SO excited and can't wait to hit that 30 Lb mark! I had another successful full fast Sunday and I am starting to really look forward to these day long fasts. I find it really helps to prepare me for the times when I am tempted by food.

Today I had a funny comment from one of my co-workers. I was having my afternoon snack of angel food cake, low fat chocolate pudding and light cool whip. She came over to my desk and said, "Is that ice cream?!" (she is always looking at what I am eating and telling me how jealous she is that I get to eat all this yummy food). I told her that it was cake and pudding and cool whip. She said, "Cake AND pudding!? Man, and all I eat is lettuce! Not fair!" I told her that she should look into fasting, that I had lost 4 Lbs this week, as I took another mouthful of cake... Man I love this!


  1. ha! Love it!

    Do me a "blog" favor..share a day from sun up to sun down of your fasting lifestyle, so I understand and maybe others can see what your doing for such great results!

    Include what you drink also..hope this isn't asking to much!

    Have you always broke fast at lunchtime..skipped dinner..what about weekends/parties? Aren't those tempting?

    Thanks :D

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