Saturday, March 13, 2010

The worst Diet

I wanted to share a bit with you about what I see as one of the worst diets out there, you know the ones, where they get you to pay for this pre-packaged food that is sent to your door and all you have to do is eat this food and you will miraculously go from fat to supermodel!?

I see these commercials EVERY DAY and it just reminds me of my experience.

I was DESPERATE. Nothing was working, I was heavier than ever and I wanted to believe the people on TV who said it was so easy and they got to eat delicious foods that they loved like ravioli, and brownies. The closeups of the food on the screen made it look like really good, large portions of yummy hot food.

Well, I fell for it. I thought that it would be easier if the food was just there for me and I didn't have to count and measure and read the ingredients. The food arrived. All in one big cardboard box. I opened it up with a "If it seems to good to be true, it probably is." thought in the back of my head.

None of the food needed to be refrigerated. HUH? But isn't there eggs and hamburgers and chicken in there?

Each meal was in the TINIEST of containers. Well, that's weird, the meals looked big on TV...

I decided to try one of the "delicious" chocolate bars. I took a bite. YUCK! This is the worst thing I have ever tasted! It is like eating dust with bad grainy chocolate on top! If this is bad, what is the rest like.

I opened up one of the packages of pizza. The pizza shell was the size of a DVD, and it was in a plastic bag that had something weird in with it. You know when you buy shoes, and it has a pouch inside with little chemical pellets in it and the pouch reads, "Do not eat"? That was what was in with the pizza shell. A little pouch of chemicals for preserving the shell! EWWWW...this food is completely and totally saturated with chemicals!

Even if I could eat this food, there is absolutely NO WAY that it would be enough food to keep me from going insane!

I sent it all back, thankfully I received a full refund.

This is just one of the many diets I tried in the hopes of having a good before and after picture...All they got me was worse after than before picture!

I am so happy that I have finally found my diet soul mate! Something that just feels like living, not dieting! This time my before and after is going to have a happy ending!


  1. Sad and funny..your good girl!

    Thanks for the 411..I've always wondered?!

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