Saturday, March 13, 2010

First Photo Comparison

Well, this morning I felt brave so I decided to do my first photo comparison. I took a "before" photo of myself the day I started this journey and have been saving it until I felt I had lost enough weight to do a photo comparison. Here it is:

I think I see some noticeable difference stomach still sticks out farther than my chest though... boooooooo! But I am working on that!

Yesterday was a difficult day for some reason. Late last night I had a weak moment and caved in. Maybe it was that I was up later than usual or maybe it was all the food commercials that were on while I watched TV with my husband. Whatever it was, I gave in and had a bagel, grapes, blueberries and some cheese at 10 oclock last night, well after my 5pm cut off time!

I justified it to myself because we are planning to eat a late dinner tonight instead of my usual lunchtime breakfast, and of course I plan to fast all day on Sunday. But that is no excuse. I could have easily stayed strong and just had water, but I didn't.

It is almost like when I do really well, I think, I deserve an award! The award is somehow always food...Maybe that is why I decided to do this photo this morning. Get me focused. Put me right back on track. 

I guess it isn't too bad, I have only cheated like that two or three times since the very beginning and it hasn't destroyed anything...but I won't let this little rainstorm start a landslide! NO WAY! 

I am looking forward to Sunday and already have my little home improvement project options all lined up. I will either paint a wall in the living room that has been bothering me, or replace some of the light fixtures in the kitchen. 

Our kitchen has three different light fixtures, none of them match and it looks really weird to me. So I want to bring them all in line and fix that up. So we will see how it goes on Sunday, maybe I will feel energetic enough to do both!


  1. You look great!! I can definitely see a difference. It's awesome knowing you got these results eating the food you enjoy. I liked your previous post too about the yucky mail order food.

  2. Hi! I'm Lisa and I too love Fast 5. It's about the only lifestyle I can stick with. I've tried everything, too. You look really good. Congratulations. Keep up the good work. Maybe one day you'll talk about the foods you eat in your window. I started January and lost 13 lbs but I do pay attention to my calories. I wonder if I could relax a little about this. Anyway, thanks for sharing.

  3. What a great difference! Inspiring!

    I'm struggling still.
    I know it works.
    I know that I can.
    But still I struggle.
    So when I see someone (like you) have this kind of success it movtivates me to continue!

    For instance..I'm not eating dinner..because I broke fast at 1:30.
    After reading and seeing your results..I feel like I can do this!


  4. I have the exact same problem with "rewarding" myself with food! How do you prevent yourself from doing that?


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