Monday, February 22, 2010

Re-training the body

Today was an interesting day. I think the full fast Sundays have really given me perspective on what excess food (and junk food in particular) does to my energy levels.

I fasted all day Sunday and felt great all day. This morning I woke up feeling very proud of my accomplishment the day before and it also reflected on the scale, back in a downward motion. At work I felt great, and got so much work done before lunch with energy to spare.

I usually break my fast at around 12:30, which I did today. Since it is Olympic fever here in the city our office has added some "perks" in the form of every kind of junk food known to man in MASS quantities placed in every corner of the office.

In the large boardroom they have the Olympic games playing on the big screen all day and the meeting table is COVERED with M&Ms, Cheesies, Popcorn, Chips, Twizzlers, Cookies (several different kinds), Gummy Bears and Pop.

In the kitchen there is free breakfast every day consisting of eggs, bacon, toast, bagels, muffins, donuts, waffles, cereal, english muffins, cream cheese, peanut butter & jam! To top all of that off we were lucky enough today to have a special guest in the office, an Olympic torch bearer with his torch and so they did a little gathering to hear his story and see the torch and they finished this meeting with 4 different kinds of ice cream bars to choose from!!!


I think my company is trying to kill me! Through all of this I resisted temptation! Even after fasting all day yesterday, I did not cheat and have a little bite of anything until lunch. At lunch I ate my wonderful enchiladas that my husband made on Sunday night with brown rice. After that I started snacking on all the junk that was under my nose. Chips, cookie (I just had one!), M&Ms, gummy bears and an ice cream bar. About 2pm I felt AWEFUL! I realized that I was so sleepy and bloated and slow...I got no work done in the afternoon and I just wanted to lie down. It has taken until now, about 8PM, to finally start feeling a bit better. I really hope I haven't undone all my good effort and work of Sunday's fast!

I had no idea that this is how I used to feel all the time. I feel like I have started to re-train my body what to eat and how much. I now know that eating so much of the junky foods make me feel sick. Fasting has pointed that out to me (I know you would think it would be obvious, but I just was used to it I guess). I am really going to start limiting the portions of food I eat during my eating window and try to avoid all of those "perks" my company has provided for the rest of the week!

Wish me luck!

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  1. Wow, you did great with your Sunday fast and resisting that temptation. Way to go!! I can confirm that overeating will make one feel lethargic and bloated. I have way more energy when I fast. When I do overeat, like I did this past weekend, it reminds me how I used to feel ALL the time. I'm going to be posting daily on intermittent fasting on my blog now...I need that daily accountability. I hope you'll be one who holds me accountable. ((hugs))


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